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Have a website? Encourage Internet Explorer 7 users to upgrade by displaying the countdown banner to Internet Explorer users only.

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Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 7. And neither should acquaintances. Educate others about moving off of Internet Explorer 7.

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We know that web developers are spending too much time supporting Internet Explorer 7. We understand, and we’re here to help. Join us in moving Internet Explorer 7 users to a modern browser. Follow these steps to help your site visitors (and you!) be free of Internet Explorer 7:

1. Copy and paste this banner code into the body of your website:

<!--[if IE]><div style='clear: both; height: 112px; padding:0; position: relative;'><a href=""><img src="" border="0" height="112" width="348" alt="" /></a></div><![endif]-->

2. Check that this banner shows up in Internet Explorer only on your site.

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Educate others

It's very nice of Microsoft, that they launched Unfortunately, they are several years late with it. Moreover, the texts on that website fit almost perfectly also for IE7, IE8 and even IE9. Therefore, I thought I would save them some work, and prepare the websites they've forgotten…

Why move off Internet Explorer?

Because Microsoft consistently fails to support in IE many features, that modern browsers do. These features allow developers make better and more powerful websites and web applications. If you look at sites like, or read this article, you'll see that Internet Explorer scores pretty badly. However, there are still plenty people, who use IE, thus hamper (unintentionally) the development of the web.

The usual argumentation why IE doesn't support many of the new featres is that they are not standardized yet. Hmm, why others have no problem with this? Anything that is implemented by all major browsers becomes de-facto standard, there's little reason to wait for some official approval and stamp. The web develops too fast to employ such an inefficient approach.

So if you know anyone, who uses Internet Explorer and does not have to, please explain them they are actually doing harm to themselves and to others and help them install a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or at least Chrome Frame.

Please note this site is broken in Internet Explorer. It's not optimized for IE on purpose. If you want to show it to an IE user, please redirect them to

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